Xrefactory s.r.o.

We are a one-man company developing custom software for businesses of all sizes. We develop in C, C++ Java, JavaScript and Python but our main focus is on the C programming language. Our expertise ranges from drones and rovers to advanced software development tools and automated trading platforms.


We have developed a flight controller and autopilot for experimental Raspberry Pi drones.



Vehicles with mecanum wheels can move in any direction. Our software controls the movement of these vehicles with sub centimeter precision.

Trading Platforms

Our trading portfolio ranges from software for high frequency trading and FIX bridges for MT4 and MT5 to a complete brokerage solutions that are connected to the major exchanges and have their own APIs. In our software the backend is usually written in C and the frontend in Javascript.


Refactoring has given our company its name. We've developed a high quality refactoring browser for C/C++ and Java.


Marian Vittek
Xrefactory s.r.o.
Višňová 2
831 01 Bratislava


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