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Xrefactory for C and C++

A C/C++ Refactoring Browser for Emacs and XEmacs
Current version: 2.0.14

Xrefactory is a professional development tool for C and C++ providing code completion, source browsing and refactoring. It is "a must have" for understanding legacy code.

Xrefactory features:

  • Full integration with Emacs and XEmacs.

  • Available on Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows systems (other platforms on demand).

  • Source browsing based on our own tag implementation supporting multiple preprocessing passes and resolving scopes, accessibilities, overloading and polymorphism.

  • Functions for finding forgotten symbols.

  • Detection of unused variables, methods and functions.

  • Browsing of class inheritance tree.

  • Code completion auto-updated after each modification of source code without need for recompilation.

  • Refactorings for method (function) extraction; renaming of namespaces, classes, parameters, variables, fields (structure records) and methods (functions); insertion, deletion and moving of parameters. Refactorings are safe with detection of possible conflicts.

  • Capable of generating HTML documentation with fully cross referenced source code and 100% of correctly resolved symbols.

  • Back mapping preprocessor solves problems introduced by macro expansions, conditional directives and file inclusions.

  • Professional C++ front-end from EDG allows to accept ANSI C++ as well as GNU g++, Sun CC and Microsoft MSVC++ language dialects.

  • Designed to work with the largest projects. Xrefactory can index millions of lines of code within several minutes. It is capable of updating its index by reparsing only modified files.

  • Multiple projects support with project auto-detection.

  • Interfacing Emacs IDE functions from the compile.el and comint.el packages.

  • Full undo under Emacs and XEmacs.

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